Güven&Şakir Law Firm’s mission is, to provide higher quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect for our clients and the community. In doing this, our priciple goal is to serve our clients effectively and efficiently. To provide fair, honest and equal representation to those in need of legal aid. And to reach these goals through uncompromising dedication and ethical standarts.


Main values of our law firm in providing legal services are as follows;

Accesibility, specialization, hardwork, effectiveness, efficiency, integrity and responsiveness.Our firm takes into consideration the interests, needs and goals of its clients. A practical, consultative, client-focused approach is our basic character.



     Güven&Şakir Law Firm’s vision is, to be the leading law firm providing forward thinking and comprehensive legal and consulting services to our individual and corporate clients. Our commitment to quality, understanding of the law, trust and respect are the foundations for our long-standing relationships with clients.